Who We Are?

Entrepreneurship, investment, support and partnership expressions are the developing, changing and new models of this era in the business world.

The regulation of these structures, the prevention of problems and the strong establishment of the relationship between them are through legal contracts.

Models such as Start Up, Incubation Centers, Angel Investor, Crowdfunding, Venture Capital, Bootstrapping, Private Equity and other similar approaches must all be carried out in accordance with the law.

Again, in all these stages, it is necessary to follow the processes by official institutions.

Tria.Legal works to ensure that all models that bring “brilliant ideas” and “investors” together are properly shaped according to Turkish Law.

It is a partnership established to provide professional support for the establishment of the infrastructure of the relationship. In addition, it aims to resolve disputes that have arisen or will arise through alternative solutions.

Tria.Legal aims for you to pass the challenging processes safely.